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Swain Program Photo Gallery
Swain PK4 Wall


The Cat Shack was lucky enough to have the opportunity to present information about volunteering and cat rescue to a class of preschool children at Swain School in Allentown PA.  The students were very excited to learn about how volunteers help cats in need and wor to find them homes. 


A rescued mother cat and her 3 tiny kittens came to the class for a visit- the babies were very well received!  The children were also asked to help in the rescue efforts by selecting a picture of a real rescued kitten currently in the Cat Shack rescue.  The children provided names for each of the babies and in this way became honorary cat rescuers.  Certificates were issues to each child with the child's and the kitten's picture attached.


More recently, we are very excited to say that the Cat Shack rescue was selected to be the recipient of a food and litter drive at the Swain School! 


To reinforce the virtue compassion, Mrs. Akers' PK 4 class and their buddies in Mrs. Reger's 4th grade class did a joint project to show compassion for homeless and abused cats.  The 4th graders researched 501(c)(3) non profits and voted on seven top choices.  The Cat Shack won over all the other choices. 

Each child will be doing tasks at home to "earn" an item to donate to the Cat Shack.  See their display outside Mrs. Akers' PK4 classroom door below. 


Thank you to the Swain School for selecting our cats as the recipients of their generosity!


Donations of Canned Cat Food and scooping litter from the public are always appreciated by The Cat Shack.  Donations can be left at the following locations:

  • Perkiomen Animal Hospital in Palm
  • Macungie Animal Hospital in Macungie
  • Petsmart in Whitehall
  • Petvalu in East Greenville
  • Petvalue in Gilbertsville
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TInk and the new babies

Bell at 1 1/2 week old

Parkette at 1 1/2 weeks old

Fini at 1 1/2 weeks old

the girls at 2 weeks old

The Girls at 5 weeks old

The girls at 6 weeks old

The Wall at Swain


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