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The Cat Shack is only as good as its volunteers --- and we think ours are the best! With the dedicated assistance of our volunteers, The Cat Shack is able to maintain the high quality of care our cats and kittens deserve.

Angela Foster Parent, grants, and fundraising
Arielle Foster Parent
Barb Foster Parent
Becky Foster Parent
Betty Foster Parent
Blaise Foster Parent
Bobby PetSmart Adoption Center
Brandy Foster Parent
Cindi Foster Parent
Colton PetSmart Adoption Center
Dan Foster Parent
Dani Foster Parent
Dawn N Manager, PetSmart committee member, and Fundraising
Dawn M Fundraising
Debra Foster Parent
Denise Board and Foster Parent
Devin Foster Parent
Diana Foster Parent
Donna Foster Parent
Frances Database assistance
Jake Board, President, Foster Parent, Fundraising committee, and financial auditor
Jan Foster Parent
Janet Foster Parent
Jena PetSmart Adoption Center and Foster Parent
Jennifer PetSmart Adoption Center
Jill Q Communications for PetSmart Adoption Center and Foster Parent
Karen Foster Parent
Kathy PetSmart Adoption Center
Keli M PetSmart Adoption Center
Kelli Foster Parent
Kelly G PetSmart Cages
Kennedy PetSmart Adoption Center
Kristy Board, Foster Parent, and Newsletter Editor/Advert Manager
Liz C Foster Parent
Liz S Foster Parent
Lynne Volunteer Orientation Co-ordinator
Marge PetSmart Adoption Center
Margie Foster Parent
Marie Thank-you card volunteer
MaryAnn Foster Parent
Michele Foster Parent
Monica Foster Parent
Morgan Foster Parent
Myrna Foster Parent
Olga Foster Parent
Rhonda Foster Parent
Sherry Foster Parent
Tracey H  Foster Waitlist Coordinator & Foster Parent
Theresa C Board, Foster Parent, Phone Line Volunteer, Petsmart committee member, and spay/neuter clinic
Theresa P

PetSmart Adoption Center

Trinka Board, Foster Parent, Feral & Barn cat expert
Vanessa PetSmart Adoption Center

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Foster Parent: Provide temporary homes for abandoned and homeless cats/kittens.

PetSmart Adoption Center: Help with maintaining and cleaning our adoption center at PetSmart in Whitehall. Volunteers needed to clean in the morning and evening, seven days a week. This includes socializing and playing with the cats and kittens.

Application Processor: Contact potential adopters, call references, call veterinary reference, make home visits, and coordinate adoption between foster parent and potential adopter.

Fundraising: Assist with planning and participation of fundraising events.

Transporter: Transport animals to and from veterinary appointments, adoption events and adoption center.

Hotline: Answer the Cat Shack phone lines, return calls, and deliver messages.

Newsletter: Assist with writing, interviews, pictures, and layouts.

Public Relations: Assist coordinating with the media; writing press releases, advertising, public speaking, etc.

Senior Foster Program: Perform monthly home visits, assist with "matching" fosters to cats, coordinate food/supply deliveries.