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Foster Homes Needed Foster Homes Needed
The Cat Shack, Inc. is in dire need of foster homes. We are currently over capacity and need more foster homes. What is involved with fostering? We cover any veterinary care that may be needed, and you provide lots of love and attention. Each day so many cats and kittens are euthanized or left to fend for themselves outside. We get dozens of calls each week asking if we can help with stray cats and kittens so there are many more out there that need to be saved. We would like to help more of more about Foster Homes Needed
Beautiful Barn Kitties Beautiful Barn Kitties
Help!!! Please help some shy cats and they will help you!!! Cat Shack always has wonderful feral or semi-feral cats in foster care who are anxiously waiting for good barn homes. These shy cats love the outdoor lifestyle and will happily provide rodent control services in exchange for lifetime room and board in a traffic safe location. A barn is not even necessary if you have a shed or some other structure which will provide suitable shelter. Please file a barn cat application or e-mail the Cat more about Beautiful Barn Kitties